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The Costume Detective site is here to find the best DIY Costume and Craft Ideas, Holiday, Halloween and Running Fun.  We are working to crack the cases on your DIY costume conundrums and crafting capers.* Our mission is to figure out unique costume breakdowns and find materials so you don’t have to do so yourself.

The Costume Detective is part detective, part researcher and part online costume and craft supply shopper. It is the new alias from costumer and crafter Kirsti A. Dyer (a.k.a. Comfortdoc) who previously had many featured Make Your Own Costume lenses on the Squidoo writing platform. (Some of these costume pages are still featured on Hubpages under HealthfulMD.)

Some of the recent DIY Costumes, Crafts and Makeup Tutorials on the Costume Detective:

Scarlet Overkill Costume
DIY Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas

Scarlet Overkill Makeup
Scarlet Overkill Makeup & Hair The Minion Movie

Bob Minion
Yellow Minion Costumes (Kevin, Stuart and Bob)

King Bob from the Minion Movie
DIY King Bob Costume The Minion Movie

Cinderella Live Hairstyles and Sparkle Secrets

Cinderella Live Make up
Cinderella Live Make up Ideas

Teen Vampire in a Cape
DIY Teen Mavis or Mom Mavis Costume

Die for Riley Quote
DIY Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend Costume

Young Maleficent Costume
DIY Young Maleficent Costume

Young Maleficent Necklace, Bracelet & Treasure Bag
Young Maleficent Necklace, Bracelet & Treasure Bag

Maleficent Adult Wing
Maleficent Costume Wing Ideas Young or Adult

Young Maleficent Close up
Young Maleficent Makeup and Hair

Norbert Minion Costume
DIY Norbert Ancient Minion Costume

Minions All Natural
DIY All Natural Minion Costume Ideas

Upside down Minion
5 Easy Ways to Make Minion Goggles

Green Minion Goggles
How to Make Green Minion Goggles

Disney Frozen Inspired Elsa Pumpkin Centerpiece

Disney Frozen Inspired Anna Pumpkin Centerpiece

Elsa's Blue Foil Rose
Make an Elsa Blue Foil Rose (Craft)

Pink Tiara Visor
Make a Sparkly Tiara Running Visor

One Eyed Purple Minion
Make a Purple Minion Costume

Herb Overkill Hair Closeup
DIY Herb Overkill Costume Ideas

Woman with Butterfly Rose Crown for Dia de los Muertos
DIY Rose Crown for Dia de los Muertos

* Tag line contributed by my teen and tween-aged daughters

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